General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) visited Headquarters Southern Command, Quetta today. COAS was apprised about progress on projects being undertaken as part of Khushal Balochistan Program. COAS appreciated the efforts of Army and other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) for maintaining Law and order situation in the Province to facilitate completion of projects. Later, COAS along with CM Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan inaugurated newly established NUST Campus in Quetta which COAS had announced in 2017 and completed in period of over 2 years . In first badge 550 students will undergo BE in Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences. MS disciplines including Water Resource Engineering Management, Tunneling/Mining Engineering and Computer & Allied Sciences programs. Capacity will also be enhanced. COAS also addressed students of various educational institutions of Balochistan. He appreciated the talented youth of Balochistan and urged the students to enable themselves for the forthcoming opportunities in different fields. He added that Pakistan is going through an evolution process of its journey towards enduring peace and stability with a positive trajectory. He said that youth of the country will have to keep on working in the right direction with national cohesion to achieve individual and collective excellence. He emphasized for a synergized approach from all segments of Pakistani society to confront future challenges.

راولپنڊي – 13 سيپٽمبر (اي پي پي) پاڪ فوج جي سربراهه جنرل قمر جاويد باجوا جمعي ڏينهن سدرن ڪمانڊ هيڊ ڪوارٽرز جو دؤرو ڪيو. پاڪ فوج جي سڌ سماءَ واري شعبي آءِ ايس پي آر طرفان جاري ڪيل بيان مطابق آرمي چيف کي خوشحال بلوچستان پروگرام تحت جاري رٿائن تي بريفنگ ڏني وئي. آرمي چيف امن امان لاءِ پاڪ فوج ۽ ٻين سيڪيورٽي ادارن جي ڪوششن جي واکاڻ ڪئي. آرمي چيف جنرل قمر جاويد باجوا ۽ بلوچستان جي وزيراعليٰ ڄام ڪمال ڪوئيٽه ۾ نسٽ ڪيمپس جو افتتاح ڪيو. نسٽ ڪيمپس جو 2017ع ۾ اعلان ڪيو ويو هو ۽ اهو 2 سالن جي عرصي ۾ مڪمل ٿيو آهي. پهرئين مرحلي ۾ ڪيمپس مان 550 شاگرد انجنيئرنگ ۽ ڪمپيوٽر سائنس جي تعليم حاصل ڪندا. آرمي چيف جنرل قمر جاويد باجوا مختلف تعليمي ادارن جي شاگردن کي خطاب پڻ ڪيو.